The importance of drinking water

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Drinking enough water is very important for many reasons. Water helps to detoxify the body and moisturize.

Unfortunately many of the popular drinks containing caffeine, such as coffee, tea and sodas with caffeine, have a diuretic effect, and therefore we deshidratemos make us rather than provide us the vital liquid that our body needs. In fact when we make tea or coffee probably we need to take even more water.

Other liquids such as juices, energy drinks, etc., do not have the same effect as the water because they do not clean in body in the same way. Illustrating think about this: when you wash your hands, do you do with juice or some other drink flavor? Obviously not, because you would your hands dirty rather than clean. Same thing inside your body! To really clean and detoxify your body, the better the water, but certain natural juices can help you, but much more slowly.

Water is very important to prevent dehydration, which can make our metabolism becomes slower. So take sufiente water is also a very important step to lose weight. Not only it will help with your metabolism, but also often think we are hungry when what we really have is thirst. So always make sure you have consumed enough water before eating between meals because suddenly gives you get hungry.

Overall it is good to consume water before starting to feel thirsty, because once you feel thirsty and means that the body is already a certain level of dehydration. In other words, do not trust you do not feel thirsty. The feeling of thirst comes when it is too late.

The other very important reason to drink water if you're trying to lose weight is by the amount of toxins that are released by burning fat. Environmental toxins and foods that are not healthy are usually accumulate in fat. When you start to lose fat, all those toxins are released into the body, and the person comieza feel pretty bad. So many people when they start eating healthy feel headaches or discomfort, and often give up thinking that their healthy diet, "they fell ill" and eat unhealthy food again, because person who feels this way seeks to eat more to alleviate these symptoms. Here's how you can not lose more weight and begins to rise again.

To avoid this, it is very important then try to detoxify the body when one is losing weight, otherwise your efforts will be frusrtrados. One of the most important steps to detoxify the body is to drink enough water, between 6 to 10 glasses a day depending on the size of the person, age, physical activity level and climate.

Of course, there are many other benefits of drinking water, but for now remember to detoxify your body, avoid dehydration and to help lose weight, try to take water every day, and find the water before any other drink to relieve your thirst.

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